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Dental Veneer Prices

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular as medical advancements have simplified the procedure. The procedure is painless and does not generally interfere with any vital organs. One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures is the fitting of dental veneers. Dental veneers act as a permanent shield or covering for the teeth. They hide stained or cracked teeth and can last up 20 years.

Why have dental veneers?

The smile has, for many years, being considered as a strong tool for the communication of happiness and confidence. If one considers their teeth to be ugly or off putting in any way, it may prevent them from displaying a full smile and can potentially limit social and interpersonal effectiveness. To renew or perfect the human smile by way of having dental veneers fitted is the perfect uninvasive procedure. Dental veneer prices vary from clinic to clinic due to location and prestige of the individual surgery. The cost of dental veneers is also determined by the quality of the materials used to manufacture them.

What preparation is needed for the fitting of dental veneers?

The only preparation that is required for the fitting of dental veneers is that the tooth or teeth be prepared for the veneers to be fitted. Using a small file the teeth are sculptured to provide an appropriate area for the veneers to be glue to. An imprint is taken of the teeth that are to be covered using a dental wax. The patient bites into the dental wax to create the imprint which is then used in a dental lab to create the veneers.

What factors affect the cost of dental veneers?

Apart from the location and the calibre of the clinic to be used the cost of dental veneers are affected by other factors. The materials used to make the veneers influence the price. Porcelain dental veneers are among the most expensive type of veneers available but their life span reflects this. With an expected life of up to 10 years they are worth the price in the long run and are well worth the investment. There is another, more durable cosmetic dental veneer invented by Cerinate in California. Lumineers are the thinnest (about the same thickness as contact lenses) dental veneer at the moment and are stronger than any other veneer lasting up to 20 years. The cost of dental veneers is relative to the quality of product and service received. Be sure to do thorough research into the backgrounds of any surgeons and clinics that are being considered.

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